Project Downstairs Toilet

I’ve been searching for some dark floral wallpaper since we decided to move house. There are some really stunning ones out there, but not within my budget. Until the other day when Graham & Brown shared this one on their Facebook page and I instantly knew it was the one. Plus at £50 a roll, it’s still a little expensive but I only need 1 roll so I will just have to spend less on the other bits for the downstairs toilet.

I will be keeping the toilet and sink that is already there, and just updating the taps to some new gold ones. I’ve seen some in Wickes for under £30 and B&Q have some for £35. The toilet roll holder and the mirror are both from Next, but I am still looking out for cheaper alternatives.

My plan is to wallpaper the bottom half in bead board wallpaper, which is available every where for about £8-10 a roll, and paint it in F&B Railings, or Off Black depending on which is closest to the back ground of the Muse Wallpaper. Then divide the 2 with a dado rail painted the same colour as the bead board, it will give the impression of the room being clad in wood panelling.

Still deciding on what light fitting to install, but I think I will need to see how dark it is in there. There is only a small window to the front of the house and not sure where the sun is throughout the day yet. I also need to find some artwork for the walls, I do love the wire letters I found in Next and want to attach them to the wall saying W.C.

I can’t remember what was on the floor, I know it was some vinyl, but I don’t know what colour. I will replace that when we replace the carpet in the hallway with some wood effect vinyl. I am just excited to have a downstairs toilet, after this house with just the 1 toilet for 5 of us, we will have 3 in the new house.


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